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Nadia – ‘My album is making me so happy and scared as hell”



Nadia – ‘My album is making me so happy and scared as hell”

Nadia Nakai revealed early this year that one of her 2019 goals is to drop an album. Though, she was on holiday but she informed fans that she’s gonna start work on the album soon.

Even her team mate and boss, Cassper, announced via a tweet that dropping Nadia’s album is a must thing for him.

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However, working on her album has given Bragga mixed feeling, as she disclosed that working on her album is making her so happy and scared at the same time.

“My album is making me sooooo happy and scared as hell at the same damn time!!!!!! It’s soooo important to keep your energy’s as positive as possible… while doing what ever I want! I’m not answering to anyone this time round… my rules, my game and I’m so grateful. When this ish drops imma legit CRY major tears!!!!! And call my mentor for like an all night prayer or something… cos damn this ish is hard!”

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